Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cathedral Window Available as a Kit!!!

. . . as long as don't mind the change in the colors . . . .


  1. Hi Julene
    I have bought this pattern from Annie's and just got the yarns shipped to me in UK from Red Heart. I'm very excited about making it! Trouble is, the amethyst yarn seems really thick to crochet double stranded, the gauge is way over and the work is too dense to downgrade the hook size. Will the afghan still work ok if I use single strands for those sections?
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Julene
    just wanted you to know that I completed the afghan in Annie's amethyst, teal and gemstone multi yarns. It is just gorgeous and I am now trying to find a good cause to donate it to. When people say how clever I am, I am always careful to pass on the credit to yourself as the designer - anyone can follow a pattern but the real skill is in writing the pattern in the first place! Thank you for sharing your pattern, I have had a wonderful time making it :)
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Helen. I'm so pleased you enjoyed making my creation, and I think it is SOOO KIND of you to donate it to a worthy cause!!!
      I apologize for taking so long about getting back to you. It's been a crazy few years over here . . .
      Kindest regards,