Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's been 20 years . . . Can I still get the ORIGINAL color scheme for this afghan?

This is one of the most frequent questions I am asked. And I'm sorry to say, the bottom line answer to the question is: You can't.

It took me 3 months searching every catalog and yarn store I could get my hands on to find exactly the right colors to get the effect I wanted for this creation: the effect of sunlight streaming through ancient stained glass.

The good news is: you can still get most of the principle colors I used. They are made by Red Heart, and Red Heart yarn can be counted on to be consistent in their dye lots, year after year. 
*Get the Black and White yarns in the Super Saver size, and worsted weight, NOT the "sport weight." 
*But, be SURE you get the "Wedgewoods" yarn in the 3 oz. "Classic" size and worsted weight. Even though it *does* come in the slightly-cheaper Super Saver size, the colors are NOT the same, and you will be more disappointed with the results of using the Super Saver size than you will be pleased by the few dollars you will save.
It's the other "variegated" yarn for the smaller, purplish window panes that always proves problematic. I've had my yarn of choice discontinued on me 5 times now! So, I am constantly re-evaluating what is available that would give me that sunlight-through-old-stained-glass look, while, at the same time, blending pleasingly with the "wedgewoods" color scheme.
As of Oct 25, 2016, Herrshner's sells a "Herrschner's 2-py Afghan yarn" for $1.70 each in Pomegranate (#0057) and Teal (#0039), which, if you tweed one strand of each together, should give you just the right look for the half circles.